After the band wrapped up its successful acoustic tour, they have been busy working in the studio on a new album and Lead Guitarist Zach Myers is out on a small solo tour too. 

The band has about 14 songs written for a new album. Late summer they will finalize and record the songs.  Expect the album sometime early 2012.

Zach explains “We aren’t a band that goes into the studio and makes a record in six weeks, The Sound of Madness took 24 months to write. Brent has this weird thing when we’re writing, we go into the studio, and there are no clocks around; there are no calendars on the wall. He doesn’t like to have a time limit on being creative.”

For the month of March, Zach Myers is out on a solo, acoustic tour with fellow singer-songwriter and longtime buddy Chris Allen (Ingram Hill).

On the souLLow Acoustic 2011 Tour,  Myers and Allen play their own originals, covers and only a few Shinedown songs.

“Shinedown is something I love, and I’ll be a part of it forever. But I can’t sing like [Shinedown lead singer] Brent Smith,” Myers said in an interview with Gannett Media. “He’s the greatest singer on the earth. I can’t do what he does, so I couldn’t do some of our songs justice. I’ll do a couple of Shinedown songs, but not really the singles. Just the Shinedown songs that are my personal favorites.”

Zach Myers and Chris Allen souLLow Acoustic 2011 Tour dates:

March 8 - Richmond, Virginia - Alley Katz
March 9 - Charlotte, North Carolina - Amos South End
March 10 - Fayetteville, North Carolina - Rock Shop
March 11 - Raleigh, North Carolina - The Berkley
March 12 - Memphis, Tennessee - Hard Rock Cafe - Special Guest - Prosevere
March 13 - Little Rock, Arkansas - Juanita's and then there was Bear
March 17 - Clarksville, Tennessee - The Warehouse
March 18 - Cookeville, Tennessee - Cookeville expo - Hugo from Tantric Supports
March 19 - Chattanooga, Tennessee - The Camp House
March 20 - Nashville, Tennessee - The Rutledge
March 22 - Augusta, Georgia - The Vue
March 24 - Tupelo, Mississippi - Lucky Joe's
March 26 - Jackson, Mississippi - Club Fire - Special Guest - Prosevere
March 27 - Natchitoches, Louisiana - Bourbon Cree