Fast Food giant Wendy's is really making a push on their new "Natural Cut" fries, but as it turns out they may not be as natural as you think.

So the big thing right now is natural.  Everything is natural.  Spring water, soda even potato chips are getting the natural treatment from marketing.  French fries are something that actually could be natural and some places are doing just that.  Places like Five Guys who actually cut their fries in house.

Wendy's latest ad campaign is really pushing their new natural cut french fries.  They brag about how great and real the taste is, plus they use sea salt so you know it has to be good.  So to the regular guy, it would seem that they are healthier.  This is not true.  The natural cut fries from Wendy's are still very much unnaturally produced in a factory.  According to bNet the fries go through a ridiculous process to make them seem fresh when actually they are just as frozen as the fries you can buy at home and make.  The difference is the look.  They skip a step that cooks the skins off, so it seems like a fresh cut potato.

Another thing they do is blast them with sodium phosphate for flavor, something that Five Guys doesn't do since their fries are made fresh in house.  I can attest that Five Guys fries are delicious, as most of you probably already know.  Wendy's fries do pass taste tests, but don't let them fool you because you're not getting the natural fries you are expecting.