Olympic Gold Medalist Apollo Ohno, the chick who played Winnie Cooper in "The Wonder Years" and giant, man-eating marsupials-“Tasmanian Devils” has it all! I was simply surfing the Internet for videos of strange animals, as I often do every Tuesday around 1p.m., when I stumbled upon the best horror movie about killer Tasmanian devils ever.

Some Question You Might Have About This Movie Before Watching:

Is Apollo Ohno a base jumping thrill seeker with a backpack full of cash?

Not only is the Olympian howling like a wolf in a pack helicopter flaunting his sweet negotiating cash, but he also is the kind of risk taker who doesn’t pull his parachute until the last moment. And if you think base jumping isn’t enough to make Apollo Ohno super tough, then just wait till you see how long he can survive after being impelled through his tarsal with what appears to be the bottom of the pit level in Mortal combat.

What type of character does Danica Mae McKellar (Winnie Cooper) play?

Well Danica plays Alex, an American who happens to be a park ranger in Tasmania. Not only is she the type of park ranger who refuses to button up her uniform to the top leaving her just the right amount of cleavage but she also adores terrifying young Australian children like Dr. Allen Grant from Jurassic Park. And if you think watching her boss get ripped out of a Jeep by an animal who also tore the Jeep door clean off might shock her, well you’d be mistaken. This lady keeps her cool like nobody's business.

Are there lots of Australian actors in this film?

Well sure, the movie takes place in the Australian island known as Tasmania but I wouldn’t get your hopes up for a bunch of crocodile-dunned folk, at least not after the first 25 minutes.

Are there any homemade flame throwers?

I think it’s safe to say that any movie that does not involve a homemade flame thrower sucks. I said this movie rules so of course there is a homemade MacGyver-esque flame thrower!

Should I watch this movie?

Absolutely! If you love "The Wonder Years", the winter Olympics, Australia and always wanted to know what the weird The Terror Dog things from Ghost Busters would look like in the wild then this is the movie for you. Plus I found it on Youtube for free.

Also before you think I’m making fun of this movie because I hate it, know that I only make these jokes because I am jealous. All I want in life is to star in C-rated, sci-fi/horror made for TV movies and these actors are living my dream. How do I get a piece of that pie?

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