There's a new app for your smartphone, and it involves bacon. Oscar Mayer (whom I just found out has an Advancement of Bacon Institute) has an app out for your smartphone. It's an alarm clock that sounds like bacon sizzling.

Now you may be saying, that alone is not enough to warrant a download, and you'd be partially right, cause the app is only part one. Starting tomorrow, you can try to win yourself the other half, a device that plugs into your smartphone, and then sprays a bacon scent to go along with the sizzling alarm clock.

The fault I see in this is the first time I wake up to this and forget I have it. Now I've got two of my important bacon senses going, but the ever important third sense is left tasteless. Don't think that means I won't try to win one of the 4,700 devices available.

You can get the app here for the iphone, then enter to win the device tomorrow (3/12/14), you have til April 4th to enter. See the device in action(kinda) in the video below: