There are a few European imports that we here at Q103 really enjoy, and Danish punk/metal/rock-a-billy band Volbeat is one of them.  The are coming back to Albany June 23rd.

One band that we can't seem to give you enough of is Volbeat.  There is just something about this trio that seems to please everyone in the rock world.  When they hit town in February for Gigantour, frontman Michael Poulson stopped by the studio to chat with Dalton and one thing was apparent.  These guys like to party.

We were barely into the new year and Poulson had said he already drank enough for the rest of 2012.  Well, that's too bad, because the Albany area won't let him get off that easy.  On June 23rd, Volbeat hits Northern Lights in Clifton Park for another awesome show, and this time they are bringing some friends.  Those friends, of course, being HELLYEAH and Iced Earth.  You can only imagine that this show is going to be insane.

Tickets go on sale Friday (4/20) and are $29.50 in advance, $30 day of show and can be bought at the Northern Lights box office, ticket master or Deja Vu.  Basically you are paying $10 per band, and for these guys, that is a fantastic price. It's going to be the beginning of one bad-ass summer.



Iced Earth: