Alex Morgan is a member of the US Women’s National Soccer Team and is the team’s youngest player. Her impressive resume can be found right here.

Now on to more important matters: seriously, what’s with all the hot soccer chicks? We might have to start paying more attention to women’s soccer. Kidding, that won’t happen. But we might have to start paying more attention to the the roster of the women’s soccer team. If they want to increase the popularity of the sport in this country they are going to have to start wearing less clothing. The Lingerie Football League is still treading water. Why not Women’s Lingerie Soccer? Women’s Strip Soccer? Nah, that won’t work, one goal a game isn’t going to get these chicks to shed much clothing.

Got it! Women’s Lingerie Strip Soccer with a huge pool filled with baby oil in the middle of the field. No more penalty kicks. Penalty rub downs! It will be more popular than the WNBA!