If you love standing in the cold, giant Christmas trees and watching things go “ka-boom” in the sky then you’ll dig the FREE action in downtown Albany this weekend.

Sunday December 2nd is the annual empire state plaza holiday tree lighting and fireworks festival. From what I understand thousands of people gather to all day to met Santa, listen to music and rub uncomfortably on each other as the crowd around to watch a giant tree illuminate. The entire event is free but there is a small chance you might feel someone’s hot breath on the back of your neck. Small price to pay for holiday fun right?

I have never attended a tree lighting ceremony before. Actually the idea is much more appealing to what I remember about my home city Rochester NY. We didn’t have a giant Christmas tree in our downtown instead we had a pole. Yeah they dressed it up by calling it the “liberty pole” but let’s call it what it is, a POLE. I’m starting to feel like maybe I never celebrate Christmas in Rochester but was forced to embrace Festivus. Come to think of it I might have to go check out this tree lighting to really see what this event is all about. Festivus for the rest of us!