That might not make a lot of sense, but that’s what Tommy says when he calls in to Mrozek. We’ve got the whole interview and pre-sale info if you missed it.

Tommy Lee, I love this guy. He’s just a real dude. I don’t know if I’d want him to be my father or anything, but he’s a cool rocker to talk to. I feel kind of bad as I gave him a compliment and then just talked right over him when he was nice enough to say thank you. Sometimes I’m a knuckle head, what can I say? Both our lives will still go on just the same. It’s too bad the record rep had to cut us off when he was getting into the silly-putty talk, but I sense he didn’t really feel like talking about drugs/alcohol today anyway. I still love him either way.

Tommy Lee Interview

So about that pre-sale… It’s Friday March 18th from 10am-10pm. Use this link and simply use the password the ‘Eclipse’. Ths show of course is Motley Crue and Poison with special guests New York Dolls.