So while Tom Hanks is one of Hollywood's most beloved actors, it looks like his son is trying out a different trade. Hip hop artist.

Yes you read that correctly.  Tom Hanks son is a certified rapper.  He has a theme song out for his college, North Western University called "White and Purple (North Western Remix)".  If I didn't know this was Chet Hanks, or as he likes to be called amongst his "homies" Chet Haze.  I will admit it is catchy, I'll probably be  singing whit and purple all day.  No.

In his Bio he talks about how by day he is just Chet Hanks, a normal everyday college kid.  However by night he turns into Chet Haze where he parties hard, chills with his boyz (yes he put a z in there) and spits out some venomous lyrics.

I think this may be another case of a rich white kid trying to break the mold.  Maybe he is just bored with being Tom Hanks' son.  Either way I think Chet should think twice before he puts out his next funky rhymes.  Under influences I hope he listed Danny "Blazin" Hazen, just your average home boy, yo.