We all have our favorite childhood memories with grandparents: going fishing, getting ice cream, doing small chores for money and riding behind them in our toy car after they've had a few beers...wait, what? That will be the memory for one seven-year-old Florida girl, as her grandparents did just this. Um, weeee?

This past Sunday a Florida couple took playtime with their granddaughter to an extreme. After they enjoyed a happy hour at home, they decided to take the little girl for a drive...behind their car. They attached her toy car to the back of their SUV using two dog leashes and drove (five to ten MPH) around the block with the girl in tow. The ride didn't last long though, however, because the cops were called and the couple was arrested.

Paul and Belinda Berloni were charged with child endangerment, DUI and driving with a suspended license. After admitting to drinking, the Sarasota police, who could smell the aroma of alcohol on the couple, discovered that Paul's license had been previously revoked after three DUI charges.

The article states:

The deputy spotted the girl being towed up a paved access road while Belinda Berloni cheered her on from the SUV's cargo area. Despite being separated from six lanes of traffic by only a sidewalk, the girl was not wearing a helmet and clad in just a bathing suit.

When the girl's father picked her up later that day, he wasn't too upset. He scolded them, saying "are you f****** stupid? You should know better" and told the cops he suspected his parents had a drinking problem.

What's your fondest memory with your grandparents?