This has got to be fake right? Newt Gingrich, the same dude who wanted to colonize the Moon has never herd the term “smart phone”? Newt just babbled on for 3 minutes about his cell phone as if it was the first of its kind. How could a man with such a large head lake such useful and accessible knowledge about modern day technology? And who let this happen? You mean to tell me that everyone in Newt Gingrich’s office just sat there and let him ramble on like an elderly man with a brain tumor?

The person behind the camera had to have known he was letting Newt sound like a total jack ass. I refuse to believe there was no one behind this camera because there is no way Newt himself can work a camera and post a YouTube video while still not knowing a damn thing about his cell phone. Gingrich should fire everyone on his staff who gave the “okay” to release this video. I’m not big on politics but I don’t think it is safe for you’re constituents to see you talk about your cell phone like you are a retired NFL line backer with the early stages of Alzheimer’s witnessing a magic trick.