Break-ups really can suck, but in this situation no one is allowed to be happy. Three people are arrested after they tossed homemade explosives at a Rotterdam man's home and vehicle, causing damage worth thousands of dollars during four separate attacks.

33-year-old Larry Ahrens, 33-year-old Michael Chambers, and 31-year-old Amy Brzoza have each been charged with A-I felony Arson and two counts of Arson in the third degree.

On Tuesday, Rotterdam authorities said that the intended victim was targeted because he'd become friends with the ex-girlfriend of Ahrens.

Officials say Ahrens enlisted the help Chambers and Brzoza to bomb the victim's home twice in March and again on Sunday. Police say they also detonated a device on the man's truck, causing more than $11,000 in damage.

Next time you’re in the middle of a break-up, you should think of this situation. So instead of doing something that will get you arrested, go for something a little more personal. Like telling her that you cheated, that’s a sure thing to get her pissed!