This one time when Brian Williams and I were hanging out and I told him that I had to go to Everydays. I got a tip that some Canadian Bob guy was going to invade their Comedy Open Mic Night. So Brian called the news room and shouted "It's happening again!" 


"What do you mean again?" I asked.

"The Canadians, they are after our bacon." Brian explained. "They want to eliminate it and force us all to eat ham and call it bacon."

We rushed to the front line, to confront this Canadian Bob, when we got there Bob was drinking Canadian beer at the bar. I could tell from the look in his eye that he was looking for our bacon.

Brian went straight for him, he could tell who Canadian Bob was, because there were like 7 people at Everydays that night and only one of them was wearing a CFL jersey.

Then the Canadian asked "What this all aboot?"

"BACON!!" Brian shouted as he reached for his sword. "I have the power of grayskull!"

"I'm sorry." Canadian Bob apologized before as Brian transformed into He Man.

"It's to late for that!" Said Brian.

Then I stepped in and challenged the Canadian to a comedy showdown! Then this happened.

This Video Is NSFW For Language.