Some people in this world make you really think about the level of intelligence out there. One such example, in my old stomping grounds of Cleveland, OH sees a man that was arrested after being pulled over in a stolen car from the Captain America 2 movie set.

But how did he get caught? The stolen car didn't have license plates on it.

Yep, the idiot made a mad dash with vehicle late Thursday night, early Friday morning. A police officer pulled the car over due to not having any plates while driving down I-71. The driver then gave the  officer a fake Washington DC Health & Human Services ID card and the fake plate that was supposed to be on the car. (The movie is set in Washington DC)

The driver claimed to have privileges to drive the vehicle but the production company behind Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier denied that. In fact, the suspect has no driving privileges at all.

Charges are now pending.