This is not a joke about how dirty New Jersey is, it's more of a P.S.A. for men, because this South American fish found in a South New Jersey lake is known to eat human male genitalia. 


I think that I speak for most of America when I say that I hope Chris Christie likes going swimming in the same lake.

According to the Huffington Post, wear a cup or just don't go in any fresh water if you plan on vacationing in the following states: Colorado, California, Arkansas, Alabama, Texas, Idaho, Indiana, Maine, Mississippi, Virginia, Utah, Wisconsin, Wyoming and New Jersey.

However, if you are a Green Bay Packer fan in Wisconsin, please rub fish gravy on your junk.

Same goes for Cowboy's fans in Texas and 49er fans in California. I would say the same for Devil's fans in New Jersey, but being a Devil's fan is torture enough and a sure way to disable your own means of reproduction.

If you have exotic pets, try not to get tired of them, and if you have to give up your exotic pet due to some kind of circumstance, don't just set it free. If you do, you're an idoit or an echo terrorist.

In conclusion, this fish is scary.