Whether it's intentional or unintentional, sometimes a rock band develops a mascot that sticks with them throughout their entire career. The fans seem to love it and they become just as beloved as the band members themselves. So who has the greatest band mascot of all time? After going through them, I was able to narrow it down to a top 5 best mascots of all time.

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    The Misfits: Skull Fiend

    Inspired by the 1946 movie "The Crimson Ghost", the skull logo that is now linked to the Misfits first appeared in 1979. They used the skull on third single 'Horror Business'. Now this image is synonymous with the band and their legacy. The bands fan club is even named after it call the Fiend Club.

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    Motorhead: Snaggletooth

    This image has been with the band literally their entire career. Snaggletooth, or sometimes called War Pig appeared on the bands debut album in 1977 and has been a lasting image with them ever since. The artist that drew it said that it came from being a "naturally pissed off bastard" just like Lemmy. Unfortunately the artist and the band came to a misunderstanding after 31 years, and he has refused to draw the famous "head" ever again.

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    Megadeth: Vic Rattlehead

    Vic is not only a mascot for the band, but also a social statement. His eyes are shielded, his mouth clamped shut and ears blocked to symbolize see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. He has been on the cover of many Megadeth albums and is loved by their fans. The inspiration for Vic came from the song "Skull Beneath the Skin" on Megadeth's first album. The band did a contest back in 2006 to let a fan give Vic a "facelift".

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    AC/DC : Rosie

    This may be an unintentional mascot, but now AC/DC can't go to a show without their giant blow up doll Rosie. The song goes hand in hand with the song with the song "Whole Lotta Rosie". I think that Rosie's first appearance was when AC/DC rocked Donington Park in 1991, but I could be wrong. All these years later, Rosie still travels with the band.

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    Iron Maiden: Eddie the Head

    Eddie first started as a stage prop that transformed to a constant on Iron Maiden's albums. Derek Riggs is responsible for the design of Eddie, which has transformed over the years to embody the current album. He is arguably the most recognized mascot in rock music to this day. When the band brings him out on stage the crowd goes crazy to this day.