Last night, five headbanging, hair waving bands rocked the walls of Northern Lights in Clifton Park, and I have to say it was one of the craziest, most jam packed crowds I've seen in awhile. With people in line for hours upon hours, to people filling almost the entire venue, it was definitely a good time had by all.

For the first two bands, The Amity Affliction and Motionless in White, I could only see and hear them from a distance outside, but they sounded awesome. I would frequently look in and see the bands jumping in unison, headbanging together, hair flying everywhere- it was amazing looking from afar, and the crowd mirrored their actions. It was a beautiful sight.

As we got inside, I See Stars was prepping to go on stage. I had seen them once before, and the crowd went nuts. This time was no different. These kids looked straight out of high school, one guitarist no taller than a microphone stand, but wow, could they make the place and stage explode. Their energy was insane- jumping, spinning, working the stage and singing until their faces were red. The crowd erupted the entire time and at some points the crowd surfing was unstoppable. They were a joy to witness and a very entertaining band to watch. They're young, but they are already rising quickly. I won't be surprised to see them with an even bigger headliner or to see them embark on a world tour in the very near future. I have high hopes for them and hope they continue to succeed.

Trivium took the stage second to last, and it's always a pleasure to see them. They too have a ton of energy and really know how to work the crowd and get them even more hyped up. At this point everyone in the venue looked as though they had just stepped out of the shower, and the night wasn't even over yet. What I loved the most was right before they went on stage, all four members rose their arms, joined hands and did a little chant to get amped up and wish themselves good luck. It was awesome to see a band joining together and for just a minute, uniting as one before taking the stage.

After a Q103 announcement of the band, headliners Asking Alexandria finally came out. It was my first time seeing them, and if I ever do again, I don't think they could top last night's performance. The lighting, the smoke, the crowd- everything just came together in harmony to produce an amazing experience. I was pretty much just in a trance watching them go crazy with the crowd. The drummer was raised high above the rest of the band, almost to the ceiling, but luckily no incidents occurred. The song list was as follows:

  • "Welcome"
  • "Breathless"
  • "A Lesson Never Learned"
  • "Not the American Average"
  • A Prophecy"
  • "I was Once Possibly Maybe Perhaps a Cowboy King"
  • "Dedication"
  • "Dear Insanity"
  • "To The Stage"
  • "Morte et Dabo"
  • "Alerion"
  • "Final Episode"

The band stopped by the Q103 studio before the show. Go here to read more and hear the on-air interview.

Catch Asking Alexandria on this year's Mayhem Festival!

What did you think of the show?