The new season of the X Files, is a continuation of the original story, a reboot discards all continuity from the original in attempt to recreate the original story, characters and continuity.


I don't want to know who coined the phrase 'reboot' and I don't care, I just want for people to know the difference, and to stop calling every sequel, prequel, spin-off and in the case, continuation of the original a reboot.

Only bloggers who write for entertainment sites, who probably read the 'what are you passionate about?' blogging for idiots guide on how to blog use the term 'reboot' to describe any new movie or tv series that looks familiar.

These people are apathetic and don't really care about what they are writing about, they may have excellent grammar and spelling, but they have no soul.

They are the spawn of plastic...No plastic has more of a soul then these 'What are you passionate about?' people.

The only way to describe this type of person is by using the same term that they constantly misuse, so I do declare that these people will now be known as a 'reboot person' or 'reboot people.'


Because, like a reboot, these people have no personality of their own and just borrow from a formula that worked for someone else, and most important, everyone hates a 'reboot' especially ME!