Those of you avid fans of the Free Beer & Hot Wings show know that I am now known as 'High Voice' BJ, or 'Bitch Voice' BJ, whatever they feel like going with on a certain day. Yes it's true I am a very tall guy and my voice doesn't exactly match up, those of you who have met me know that. So I have taken quite the beating for this. The other day I was thinking about it and they have used many examples to describe my voice, none of them exactly accurate but hilarious none the less.

  • Mr. Bill

    This is the first one ever used by the guys. It's only fitting being that he has such a squeaky high voice. At least there isn't a giant hand putting me in tough spots.

  • Elmo

    I don't know if they have ever called me Elmo, but many listeners have come up to me and used the name. I think it's even funnier being that Elmo's voice is done by a pretty big guy.

  • Crying Library Guy

    This one may be the one I like the most. Sarcasm? It sucks enough being this poor guy who breaks down in front of the library crying, but it's another thing to be described as him. I can't believe their gonna tear this damn thing down...

  • Grandma Mush Mouth

    This is the latest internet sensation that the guys have dubbed as me. So not only am I a distraught library guy, but I am also a 1,000 year old woman who babbles about nothing.

  • Mickey Mouse

    Mickey Mouse was actually the name given to me by listener Victor while hosting Smarter than a Q-Tease Trivia. I see it more as a term of endearment than anything, so thank you.