I'm the queen of procrastination. If there is a paper due the next day, you better believe I'll be only starting it the night before. Even if I research, and take notes, I always put off the writing. Coming from a former writing major, I don't know why I do what I do. I don't mind the writing part, but when it comes down to the line the night before, I hate it. That's probably a major reason why I chose not to stick with creative writing (I also despise editing).

It's a horrible habit that I really hope to break it at some point. I always say I'll do a favor for someone, and it ends up being a couple days later than expected or until they get impatient. I partially blame myself for being so scatterbrained.

I can work on an art project, but getting started is always the hardest part. Once I'm going, I don't stop, eat or sleep until it's done. That's only partially stretching the truth. Again, it's getting started that's the hard part. Sometimes I don't get "inspired" until the night before it's due.

But I find myself wondering, why do I put myself through the incredible amount of stress when I could easily have just done whatever I had to do at a more convenient time? I feel it has to do with the fact I like to avoid my problems, or attempt to run away from them, whether they started out as a problem or not.

For awhile I made lists, but I felt more overwhelmed from my lists because I made sublists that were so incredibly detailed. That basically defeated the purpose of my attempts to organize and rearrange my schedule. I tend to make everything harder than it's supposed to be, but at least I can blame it on the fact that I'm blonde right now for the time being.

So why am I blogging about my procrastination? I haven't blogged in over a week, but here I am, I'm back. I pulled a semi all-nighter doing my paper at last minute. I couldn't focus solely because I was confused on how foolish I was to put this paper off at last minute. I've never been embarrassed to hand in a paper, but today I felt as if I was doing the walk of shame as I walked to class. Not to mention, I was late to class because I waited until 10 minutes before class to find out my printer had no black ink.

It's Friday. Thank you for that. Is it happy hour yet?