So apparently some female soldiers of the Israeli Army are in hot water for posting scantily pictures of themselves on facebook. I've said facebook could be the fall of all of society as we know it before, but I never thought it would be the fall of sexy Israeli soldiers. This is a fate no one could have predicted. The New York Post is reporting that this is not the first “scandal” involving Israeli soldiers on social media.

The incident was the latest in a string of episodes involving young Israeli soldiers on social media that have drawn reprimand from the military. - NP

Honestly I’m a little torn on how I feel about these pictures.

On one hand I don’t care about the attire in the photos because mainly these ladies have pretty decent bodies. Actually one of them has an awesome body and should have a special exception where a bikini is her new mandatory military uniform. Also no one is committing a “war crime” in any of the photos so what’s the big harm? The only issue I see is them incriminating themselves into being labeled "loose".

On the other hand, this picture terrifies me. Not because I think these pictures make the soldiers look irresponsible and immature, but because these are pictures of women with guns. I’m not too comfortable with the idea of a woman behind the wheel of a car let alone a high powered machine gun!