I mean we all know it has been pretty hot and sticky lately but I didn't realize it was poop bursting into flames hot!

Those of us that are fortunate enough to live and work indoors with  AC in the summer heat perhaps aren't really hyper aware of the extent of the heat outside lately. I know I go from the air conditioned house, to the air conditioned car, to the air conditioned studio and then back again (with an occasional stop and at an air conditioned bar or show) most days.

Yet still as soon as I'm done with work for the day and you step out side that heat hits you  right in the face and you are suddenly very thankful that you have some AC in your life. I can't even begin to imagine what it's like to have to work all day in that heat! Still it's summer, the heat is expected right?

Looks like this heat in reality pretty darn intense, because it is literally so hot out in Upstate New York that manure is spontaneously combusting and bursting into flames!  WYNT is reporting that in a Finger Lakes town just outside of Syracuse:

The Department of Environmental Conservation received multiple complaints July 5 about the smell and smoke emanating from a burning pile of horse manure at a property. The responding officer learned that the owners of a horse stable had been storing the manure in large piles that frequently spontaneously combusted in the excessive heat and dry conditions.

If that wasn't bad enough, the fire took three fire departments two hours to put out the burning horse poop.

Note to self, when stock piling manure, store in a cool dry place.