Lifetime kicked up their Sunday night programming a notch this season with 'The Client List'.   It's been renewed for a second season, which means more Jennifer Love Hewitt for everyone.

When we first told you about 'The Client List' on Lifetime, we weren't sure what to expect.  We knew there would be a wonderful supply of eye candy, but other than that we were really wondering.  Turns out people love the sexy show, and it's coming back for season two.

The show stars Jennifer Love Hewitt's boobs, and also Jennifer Love Hewitt.  She plays a mother who will do anything in order to support her family.  That includes working at a dirty massage parlor giving men 'happy endings'.  Guess that subject matter is a crowd pleaser.  It's at least got men ages 14-85 interested.

If they could track who's actually watching this show they would probably find most of the ratings comes from single men who live alone in their parents basements.  Also, lotion and Kleenex sales went up on Sundays across the country.  Weird.