The Funny Bone Comedy Club & Restaurant is coming soon to Crossgates Mall this summer and Albany's own Comedy Works will be opening a third location in Schenectady this spring. 


As a local Comedian I have had many good friends move away to New York City to pursue a career in the Entertainment Industry. Now the Entertainment industry is coming to the Capital Region, it makes me happy that I stuck around.

The Funny Bone Comedy Club & Restaurant is a well established Comedy Club with 10 venues in: Connecticut, Ohio, Iowa, Virginia, Kentucky and Nebraska.

They also have some really bad Google reviews, and according to the Times Union, the Capital Region will be heavily anticipating a performance by Paul Riser....?

I had no idea that Mad About You was still so popular in the Capital Region.

The Funny Bone will have competition, because of the Capital Region's own homegrown Comedy Club, The Comedy Works.

The Comedy Works has come a long way from Wolf Road, they have two well established location in Saratoga, Albany and a new location coming soon to Schenectady.

The Capital Region is on its way to becoming a premiere Entertainment Destination, with Casinos and Comedy Clubs so that you can lose all your money and then laugh about it.