There’s nothing like planning for your kids future, especially when you foresee that childs future being an ugly, big fat, flat chest monster. This mother could write the book on good parenting and preparation.

According to Daily Mail Online a 51-year-old plastic surgery addict known as The Human Barbie gave her seven-yearold daughter a 7,000 pound gift voucher for liposuction. Not that the girl could use the voucher yet, but a few years down the road and about three semesters of full of pints of Ben and Jerry’s, who knows? How silly of me to assume that. Clearly this child isn’t going to college.

It was also admitted by the Human Barbie that she gave her daughter a voucher for breast implants just last year as well. And with the pole dancing lessons she has already received from her mother, I’d say this seven-year-old is already on the right track to a heavy crystal meth addiction funded simply by only the wet crinkled up dollars she plucks out of her pink G-string between her freshly new butt implants. Mother of the year and recipient of my heart.