Summertime—we await it for half of the year and then sit back and complain that it's too hot. One thing, however, about summertime I'll never complain about is the amazing seasonal burger shacks that surround us. Here are a few to check out.

There are a few standouts for sure. See, to me it all depends where in the area you actually grew up. For me it was Lansingburgh. I always remember going on a ride out into Wynantskill to the first establishment.

  • Jacks Drive In: Right on the outskirts of Troy and by outskirts I mean they have a "Welcome to Troy" sign within eyesight. They have been in business for decades. Serving burgers that are unique and small enough to gulp down five sometimes ten in a single sitting. As a kid I recall wondering what this stick with a prong on the end was in the fries. Hey, as a kid you don't care if your fingers get dirty with ketchup. It's the experience. Jacks Drive in is a good place to check out if you never have.
  • Jumping Jacks Drive In: Like I said before it all depends on where in the Capital Region you grew up. I've never called Schenectady or its surrounding areas home. In that regard as well, I've never actually had food here. I've heard insanely good things about them. I know they do more than just cook seasonal comfort food as well. A visit here will be in my near future..
  • Gus': Now Gus's in Watervliet isn't known for its burgers. Hot dogs are kings here. Either way Gus's always delivers in my opinion. Every single thing I've gotten here has been spectacular. Burgers included and while your there, get the hot dogs too. You won't regret it.

There are plenty more burger places in the Capital Region. But I wanted to keep this to a seasonal type of list. Lets face it, Friday evening after a long week of work nothing beats a car ride with the windows down going to any of these fine eateries. I'm sure my mind has slipped and I've forgotten a few good places. Leave a comment below with your favorite seasonal food joint.