Great news, folks! While we still have plenty more of the waiting game to play until we see 'The Avengers 2' in 2015, Joss Whedon has indeed finished a draft of the script and he says "it's in a very good place." That said, how would you like your first taste of what to expect from the far-from-finished storyline?

Get this -- while accosted by Yahoo Movies during a premiere of 'Iron Man 3,' Whedon revealed, "Oh, I've got these two characters, two of my favorite characters from the comic books; a brother/sister act. They’re in ['The Avengers 2'], that’s exciting." Yes, it's really exciting, but which two characters could he be talking about?

The main pair that immediately pops up in our minds is Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver from the 'X-Men' universe. As the offspring of Magneto (played by Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender in 20th Century Fox's 'X-Men' movies), Scarlet Witch (aka Wanda Maximoff) has the ability to manipulate probability and "chaos magic," while her brother (Pietro) has super speed. While both worked for their father joining in on his terrorist activities, they eventually separated and teamed up with The Avengers.

While it seems more than likely that Whedon is referring to these two, there might be a slight glitch -- Fox owns the rights to 'X-Men,' while Marvel/Disney owns 'The Avengers.' Marvel President Kevin Feige previously said, "It’s a little complicated; If [Fox] wants to use them in an X-Men movie they could, if we want to use them in an Avengers movie we could." So until it's confirmed, this is just something fun to think about.

For more info on the current state of 'The Avengers 2,' check out the full interview with Whedon below and give us your thoughts in the comments.