How did an open audition to be the Adirondack Flames' new mascot happen in Glens Falls and I not know about it?

This video makes me laugh and breaks my heart all at the same time. This, I assume, is what happens when you ask a bunch of people to act as if they are completely anonymous in a room but then you totally film it. “Just pretend you’re in a big mascot costume for a bit and let’s see what you got."

I love this video 100%. The awkwardness, the silly dancing and the dude sitting in the back with the “I’m not impressed” face is all amazing. It’s just a bunch of people trying to get an awesome fun silly job and feeling really out of place in doing so. Best video I’ve seen all day. Thanks Adirondack Flames.

PS: Is it hockey season yet?

Glens Falls Post-Star via youtube