Before the NFL's 2015 season even began, the breaking news was all about what Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson had done off the field, those stories dominated the headlines. If Ndamukong Suh was not making headlines on the field with his numb feet, he was making them off the field with his free agency status. That was just the regular season. 


The 2015 NFL Playoffs have brought us: The Pass Interference that was and then was not, in the Lions/Cowboys playoff game. The more people looked into this game, more missed calls in the Cowboys favor were discovered.

Then Karma hit the Cowboys in Wisconsin, with the catch that was not a catch that cost the Cowboys the game in Green Bay.

Meanwhile, John Harbaugh called out the Patriots on running trick plays against the Ravens defense, but a trick play is not cheating, it's bending the rules.

Finally the Patriots we have the allegations that the Patriots deflated 11 out of 12 game balls to help their offense gain the edge in the damp weather during the AFC Championship game.

It almost makes you think, would a Patriots/Cowboys Super Bowl be more entertaining? Cheating vs Money?

Taking all of this into consideration, will the 2015 NFL Season go down in history as being the Season of Infamy?

And what was your favorite story from the 2015 season?