In my quest to restore the spirit of Thanksgiving in America, I have posted many videos, and I have realized, that I keep posting silly videos of people doing gross things, or people failing at Thanksgiving.

I don't know how this is going to help restore the spirit of Thanksgiving, but I'm an American, and that is not going to stop me.

As I searched YouTube for the best "Thanksgiving fail" videos, I came across a video that I found to be: scary but inspiring.

I do not know who Dirty D is, I don't know what this is a preview to, all I know is, that Dirty D: looks so awesome with those flames in front of him.

And Now!

The source, of funny in America, "America's Funniest Home Videos."

How are these videos helping me restore the spirit of Thanksgiving in America?

In every one of these videos, American's are failing at Thanksgiving, (Well that one lady sounded British, but that's not the point!) but everyone is having a good time, and they are all having a good time together, and they are thankful for it.

Some may of had to go to the hospital, and Dirty D set a building on fire, but they all in some way or another, contributed to the collective consciousness, that on this day, we all gather, and eat, then we go shopping, for America.