It's always fun when two completely separate geek worlds collide, so excuse us for being a little too joyful at the news that former 'Doctor Who' star Matt Smith has joined the cast of 'Terminator 5.' Specifically, he's signed on for the next three films in the series, playing a role that will become larger and more important with each new entry.

This news is sure to excite the Venn diagram of nerds who enjoy time-traveling murderous cyborgs and time-traveling police call boxes. Smith played the lead role on BBC's 'Doctor Who' for four years and 47 episodes, transforming himself from a relative unknown into a beloved TV icon overnight. Since he left the show last year, many people have wondered how and when he'd attempt to transfer his television stardom into a film career. Well, here we are.

The big question now is who Smith will be playing. We don't know too much about 'Terminator: Genesis' (it just began filming last month), but we do know that it's supposed to kickstart a new trilogy and will feature a crazy plot that will see the cast of characters jumping all over the franchise's timeline, including a few return visits to the events of the previous four films. His character is described only as "a new character with a strong connection to John Connor."

Smith is the kind of actor who radiates icy intelligence, so we can easily see him playing a scientist-type, a villain-type, or a liquid metal robotic killing machine-type. Maybe all three?

'Terminator: Genesis,' which stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emilia Clarke, Jason Clarke and Jai Courtney, is set to open on July 1, 2015.