Move over Angry Birds because their is a new pointless game on the block!  It's called Temple Run and it is my latest mobile game addiction.

Give me a game with an easy objective and I am all over it.  This is where new kid on the block, Temple Run comes into play.  It's the latest addictive game that is taking smartphone users by storm.  People are loving it, and it's something that will make boring things like interacting with actual people a thing of the past.

Basically all you do is run as long as you can without being caught by whatever the hell it is that's chasing you.  No odd controller buttons to throw you off, you do this all with your finger and it's easy!  You gather coins, get points and keep running.  Sounds simple right?  That's because it is.  So far it seems endless to me, but I haven't quite mastered the  technique yet.

So go grab this awesome app today, because you won't regret it.   You can even keep up with Temple Run news on facebook and twitter.