I’ve already sworn off having kids but this story just furthers my reasoning. Kids in my opinion suck! They ruin everything. They make it so you can speak freely around them. When walking they are so slow with their stubby legs and feet that get tired so quickly. They are sticky and smelly and down right bummers to every situation. They can’t drive and except you to pay for everything.

I know what your thinking, “Dalton, you we’re once a kid”! I know, and I hated my self until I was 14.

But I just read a story according to the smoking gun a 15 year old girl in Florida called 911 on her mother after she heard her having sex. Looks like a woman can’t even get laid in peace in her won house with out the cops showing up? Did this child forget that this is how she was made? And further more, she is not paying the mortgage on the house. That mother should be aloud to pork her boyfriend on her daughter’s bed wearing a scuba mask and encouraging farm animals to watch while using her daughter’s laundry as a barn floor. She pays the bill her rules. Love your mother, respect her home and enjoy the pig slaughter sounds she makes when her boyfriend rails her in the bedroom next to yours. Happy birthday!