There's a long standing debate in the state of New York about legalizing profession MMA bouts. This idea from overseas of 'team' fighting doesn't help those who want to bring pro-MMA to the state at all.

Why this exist I have no clue but it's pretty much gang warfare.

Two teams of five guys start the match. Elimination rules apply; When one person is eliminated, the 'winner' can then move over to help a teammate battle someone else. So yes, it become a two-on-one, three-on-two, and even possibly five-on-one fight.

While this idea works great for professional wrestling, since it's scripted and fake,it doesn't for MMA. It's the equivalent of a legal bar fight.

I enjoy a good UFC like any fan, but there is no need for a five-on-five elimination barbaric brawl. What's next? Hang weapons about the fighting area and have teams battle to gain control of them?

Watch the below 'video promo' for Team Fighting Championship and tell me if you agree.