There's a new website that combines nudity with charitable donations. allows volunteers to submit fully clothed photos of themselves along with a donation button for a specific charity. When the charity donation goal is met, their pictures unlock showing topless or fully nude photos for everyone visiting the site. 

This is my kind of site! Not only can you look at strangers nude, but also realize that the money all went to a great cause- hey you could even donate to help the process.   Some charities people have already taken it off for include the American Cancer SocietyNational Multiple Sclerosis SocietyRed Cross or Cruelty to Animals.

Right now only a handful of women have posted photos and you wont be disappointed!  There are a couple dudes too. If fact one is asking for a $5 donation to get nude and he hasn't met his goal yet.

Visit (NSFW) make a donation or post your photo. You definitely will be rewarded!