Red Cross

S.O.S. - Please Help
We know the damage a hurricane can inflict all too well; Irene was very hard for many of us in the Albany area, so we know firsthand that any help you can get, you need. There are people who need our help downstate and we want to our best to reach out a hand to those in need - that's why we&apo…
List of Albany Area + Capital Region Shelters for Sandy
With Sandy headed toward the Albany area, the Red Cross will be opening eleven shelters throughout the Albany area starting Monday, October 29, 2012. We have the list of shelters that has been announced thus far and some instructions for those seeking shelter.
Help Red Cross and Hurricane Relief Efforts Tonight at Savannahs
Tonight the Carnival of Madness tour comes to the Times Union Center.  Q103 will be hosting the "official" pre-party just down the road at Savannahs from 4p-6p.  Bring monetary donations to help the Red Cross and support relief efforts for the Albany area residents affect…
Jeph Howard Of THE USED Reveals Tour Secrets!
Two weeks ago, I blogged about my most favorite band The Used and how their new album is in the works. Earlier today an interview between Noisecreepand Used bassist Jeph Howard was released. Jeph discusses tour secrets, rituals and other things about members Bert, Dan and Quinn.
More Iron Maiden News!
A few days ago I blogged about Iron Maiden releasing another "best of" album that was to cover the past two decades. Now, the band has announced that all proceeds for select merch T-Shirts will be going to the Japanese Red Cross to help victims, restoration and clean-up f…