Mississippi Man Wakes Up In Body Bag At Funeral Home
Imagine this happening to you? What would you do an how would you feel? It's hard to even fathom, but is not as uncommon as you'd think, as a Mississippi man experienced just that. He was presumed dead and just when he was about to be embalmed he awoke in a body bag and made himself known.
Chinese Student Holds Practice Funeral, For Self
Ever wanted to be a "fly on the wall" at your own funeral. You know - be able to watch who showed up, who talked trash, who talked nicely, etc. For whatever the morbid reason, a Chinese student spent her life savings on the end of her life celebration - and she is still alive!
Funeral House Rocks: Pre-Planning Death
Last week, I got the opportunity to visit a Funeral Home, only it wasn't for a wake. Due to financial and personal reasons, my mom and I pre-planned the funeral of her uncle, who is now living in a nursing home, and I was able to go along with her and help plan it. It was an interesting, moving and …