School of Rock Star Arrested for Stealing Amp, Guitars
Not an excuse, but at least he was stealing cool stuff?
"Zack-Attack"- real name Joey Gaydos Jr.- from the blockbuster movie "School of Rock" is facing felony charges in Florida.  Gaydos Jr., pictured next to Jack Black performing, was caught multiple tim…
Actor Verne Troyer Dead at Age 49
Actor Verne Troyer, known for his role as "Mini Me" in the Austin Powers movie series, has been confirmed dead as reported USA Today.  No cause of death was announced, however USA Today noted that the actor had a history of battles with addiction and mental health is…
The Hate File
On this episode of The Generation X Files: Tatiana and I sit down with man behind our custom music Chris Laplante and local film maker Kyle Kleege, to rant, rave and vent about our frustrations in regards to life, the world and other things.
Year of the Reaper
2016 is going down in history as the "Year of the Reaper" because of all the beloved celebrities that have passed away this year and people all across social media and the world are begging for 2016 to stop claiming celebrity lives.
Famous People with Albany Ties
Ever been at a party and listened to someone brag about how a famous person once passed through their town? Yeah great, guy, I am from Albany. We have had a ton of celebs not only pass through here, but were born, went to school, or even still live here.

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