We heard talks about it over the weekend, but no it’s official! ESPN reports that both schools have been accepted to the Atlantic Coast Conference. They will have to pay 5 million dollars each and give a 27 month notice to the Big East but they are definitely on their way out. I can see their interest in doing it for football, but this is going to stink as far as basketball is concerned. I have always thought the Big East was the best and toughest conference there was in college hoops. But it will definitely be different without these 2.

Yes, they’ll play Duke and North Carolina, but what about the old Syracuse vs. Georgetown rivalry, or all the great games with UConn? I guess there are pros and cons, but I think it will definitely hurt both teams in basketball as far as traveling. I remember when Miami was a member of the Big East and they had to make long road trips back and forth from South Florida to the Northeast and back. It made it very hard for them to be successful. Now both these teams will have that burden. I'm probably more concerned with my own personal interest in the conference of the Big East than their travel schedule, but the whole thing just sounds strange doesn't it? Like most changes, it probably has something to do with the almighty dollar.