We know who is playing the Man of Steel, his dad and his mom and finally today we have gotten word that actress Amy Adams has been cast has the woman he loves, Lois Lane.

Director Zach Snyder decided a while ago that he was going to be doing a reboot to the Superman franchise.  It will be called Man of Steel due out in December 2012.  British actor Henry Cavill has been given the title role and now actress Amy Adams has been cast as his leading lady.  Adams got an Oscar nomination this year for her supporting role in The Fighter, so I am really looking forward to seeing what she will bring to the table as Lois Lane.

She will be joining Diane Lane and Kevin Costner who have been cast as Jonathan and Martha Kent.  Snyder himself only had great things to say about Adams saying that they think that her "versatile style of acting" will bring new life to the character that all of us have loved for so long.  Other actresses that have played the part of Lois Lane are, Noel Neill, Margot Kidder, Teri Hatcher and Kate Bosworth.  Now Adams can add her name to that list.

I have high hopes for this Superman movie because Dark Knight writer/director Christopher Nolan will be on as the producer.  I can't wait for December 2012 to come.  We are still waiting to see who will be playing Jimmy Olsen and who the main villain will be in the film, though I think it will most likely be Lex Luthor unless Snyder is planning on throwing us a curve ball.  I think I would welcome that curve ball because it would be fantastic to see Doomsday or Dark Seid as the antagonist.