This weekend we get yet another mysterious movie from the mind of JJ Abrams, the man who brought us the TV series Lost and the movie Cloverfield.

I am a total sucker for anything that has JJ Abrams name on it.  He has a way of portraying a story on film that is really engaging.  His new movie Super 8 is no exception as it hits theaters this weekend.

The trailers for the movie have been pretty mysterious as to what the films antagonist will be, but I have a feeling that it is some monster.  That seems to be Abrams thing.  You can see in the trailer a train wrecks and something escapes from one of the cars and that's when all hell seems to break loose.

If it's like Abrams other films, we will either get a solid answer or one that leaves us wanting more.  Cloverfield is one of my favorite movies of recent years, and essentially we never really figure out where the Cloverfield monster even came from.  From the reviews I have been reading so far, it seems like Abrams wraps this one up pretty well.

It stars Kyle Chandler as a small town deputy who is trying to figure out who or what is causing people in his town to disappear.  His son and his friends may have some proof  of what happens when they accidently captured some footage on their super 8mm camera.  It seems like an edge of your seat kind of movie, so I am sold.  If your heading to the theater this weekend, Super 8 will be one you'll want to check out.