It’s amazing how Snack food can escalate things so fast. Chex mix can heighten a party to maximum fun and Cheetos can trigger anyone into kill mode. Be careful when you snack! According to the Huffington Post the fight in the video below stated after a bag of Cheetos was thrown at the back of the principles head. Now the principal in my opinion didn’t start this fight. He simply asked the student to come to the office with him, when he refused he grabbed his arm. The student attacked him after that. I think its ridiculous that people can’t even touch student like this with out being accused of abuse, and for a student to think it is okay to attack an adult in his school is just plan silly. When students act like complete dicks then the teachers should have the right to smack them around and put them in their place… or at the very least reserve that right for the administrators. They worked longer and should have that right.