The quest for the cup starts today, it's the most intense time of the year on ice, there will be big hits, there will be fights and there will be blood!


Two out of the sixteen teams are from New York this year, and my favorite team the Detroit Red Wings are in the playoffs extending their post-season appearance streak to 25, so it does not matter if they go all the way, or that is what Wing's fans tell themselves when we feel that the Red Wings are not going too far in the playoffs.

What I enjoy most about the Stanley Cup Playoffs is the more brutal match-ups where two teams beat each other up for seven games and I think that match-up is going to be the New York Rangers vs the Pittsburgh Penguins or the Washington Capitals vs the Philadelphia Flyers.

Of course I am going with the Red Wings to win it all because I am a fanboy, if they do not, I am usually fine with that, as long as the Pittsburgh Penguins don't win the cup.

I hate the Penguins.