Lead singer Aaron Lewis is getting ready to release his first solo album but says that Staind is currently working on a new album that is very heavy.

The feel of Aaron Lewis' new album is very country, which he says just stems back to his roots of growing up in the country.  So just when Staind fans think they may be losing their front man to that Nashville sound, it looks like they are coming back with an album to please rock fans everywhere.

Lewis sat down with the guys at Vegas.com to talk about his solo album and what exactly is going on with Staind while he is out promoting it.  I know he is playing solo gigs, but he is also hard at work with the guys putting together a kick ass new album.  Lewis said this of the new record:

Oh it's heavy. It's heavy. You know especially now that I've kind of picked the path to go down with my solo stuff and not wanting to create a situation where the stuff that was coming out solo and the stuff that might be on a Staind record were similar. So we are steering clear of any ideas that come out of us that might be of the more poppy or mellow nature, and we're concentrating on this being a very in-your-face and heavy record.

I think a heavy record from Staind will be a breath of fresh air.  The stuff they have put out as of late has been very sugar coated.  Hopefully this album will harken back to the days of Tormented and Dysfunction when the band was touring with other hard acts of the time like System of a Down, Limp Bizkit and Sevendust.