We're getting to that time of year - Spring Break.

Stories will be breaking out nationally of sex and excessive drinking. Not even the first full week in to March and we have our first story with one true lesson - Don't Pee Off (or On) The Cops

Fort Myers, FL police were called to the Pink Shell Resort on reports of spring breakers breaking bottles and making noise disturbances in the early morning hours.

When they got there, police identified three persons of interest in connection to the report. One of which was 18-year-old Chris Brennan who was placed in the back of a squad car while the officer talked to the other two individuals.

Brennan wasn't too found of this and began thrashing around the back of the car, mind you he was not in handcuffs. The officers told Chris to stop and he responded "I will piss in your car!"

Chris, not one to under deliver, unzipped and began to urinate through the cage that separates the front and back of the squad car. His "drainage" doused several of the officer's personal items - including his cell phone, lunch bag, water bottles, and several other items issued by the sheriff's office.

Brennan was arrested on charges of "resisting an officer without violence."