In a recent interview actor Johnny Depp told reporters that he finds actors and actresses that use their fame to launch a musical career "sickening." Johnny Depp may be contradicting himself, because he has been known to play the guitar with some major bands in the past, but to his credit he never tried to start his own band.


I can not say that I agree with Johnny Depp because I love Tenacious D, however if you're a fan of The D like me, you already know that they were always about the ROCK! And your probably familiar with Jack Blacks work on "Mr Show with Bob and Dave" that eventually featured Tenacious D skits. So Jack Black is off the hook.

What about when it goes the other way though, because Jagger was awesome in "Freejack" right? it wasn't a bad movie to begin with....right?  and "Austin Powers 3" was not the worst...... ok it was the worst of the Austin Powers movies.

Then again Mark & Donnie Wahlberg and Tom Waits (Of course) have proved that perhaps, maybe, the transition from Music to Movies is easier then Movies to Music?

Or is Johnny Depp on to something?

Here is a link to the RollingStone article about what makes Johnny Depp sick. 

For the record, I have never seen a movie staring or even featuring Justin Timberlake.