For all you illegal drug using hippie slackers out there today is your day!  You patiently wait for 4/20 to come every year, but what song allows you to celebrate the day the best?

It is finally here.  420 day.  The day that you have been waiting all year for so you can officially be a illegal drug user but it's okay.  Well, at least okay to you, after all it is still an illegal activity.  I am not really into the whole illegal drug thing and never have been, but if you're choosing to do it go for it.  Just promise me you aren't going to do it while driving and if your a parent please consider quitting for your kids sake.  I digress from my point.

I may not enjoy the whole illegal drug activity, but I certainly do enjoy some of the music that has come out of the culture.  Bob Marley has always been one of my favorite artists as well as bands like Pink Floyd and the Grateful Dead.  I sometimes wonder when I am at a concert and not high and am really enjoying the music if everyone that is high would enjoy it more if they weren't high as a kite.  I guess the illegal drug adds to the experience, provided of course that you don't get caught other wise your fun is quickly halted.   I think that may be why I never got into it.  The risk and trouble wasn't worth it to me.  I know plenty of people who enjoy illegal drugs, but my core group of friends and I were always just more into other activities.

So for all of you 420 nuts out there I have decided to put together a list of songs in which you can celebrate 420 to.  The best songs to represent the "holiday" from the perspective of someone who doesn't indulge in the activity.

5. Sublime-Smoke Two Joints

4. Cyprus Hill-Hits From The Bong

3. Pink Floyd-Comfortably Numb

2. The Grateful Dead-US Blues

1. Bob Marley-Get Up Stand Up

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