You know the ones that get your blood pumping and you motivated for whatever it is you're doing.Back in the day you would make a mix tape of all the music you needed to get you ready.  Whether it was motivation for the gym, amped up for a concert, sporting event or even just to get ready to head out to party.  Now it's as simple as loading up a play list on your ipod.  I love listening to tunes at the gym.  It blows my mind when I see people who don't have in head phones.  Maybe they are self motivated, but music pumps me up to go that extra little bit on the treadmill or elliptical and also gives me the push to throw up those last few reps when I'm benching.  I personally like me some heavy metal and hard rock, sometimes I'll throw in a little hip hop too.  Whatever amps you up is your thing.  Maybe it's country, maybe its techno.  These are some of the songs that get me going.

Kid Rock-Bawitdaba:
This one has gotten me motivated for years.  I use to listen to it before track practice to give me just a little bit more drive.  It's also a great driving song.

Godsmack-Keep Away:
Who doesn't love a little of the Smack?  Perfect when you're lifting weights.

Black Sabbath-Iron Man:
As soon as it kicks in I am easily ready to go.  Problem is it's my ring tone so i am constantly ready to go! Woo!

Shamans Harvest-Dragonfly:
This one is epic.  It sounds lame but I can see myself in some sort of Rocky like montage training to this one.

Survivor-Eye of the Tiger:
Come on, how can you not be motivated by this one?  For that matter any song used in a Rocky film?

Forget working out, I am ready to kick some ass when this one kicks in!