Summer is over, it's never good till the last drop because no one likes a crybaby and the more you hold onto the summer the less you will be prepared for the fall, but don't worry here are some things to look forward to.

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Rob Zombie is coming to the Palace Theatre on September 14th but you probably already know this, but it's still exciting to me.

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Football is back, High School, College and Professional.

I am a Lions fan so I don't care about Colin Kaepernick, the Detroit Lions and their fans are so oppressed by America: The Lions have never won a Super Bowl and one year they didn't even win a game and no one will let us forget about it.

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Alice Cooper is coming to the Palace Theatre on the 28th of September.

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School is back in session, most of you kids are not happy about this but some are very happy about this especially girls because it means shopping for back to school clothes and then showing them off.

Parents are excited because it means that the kids won't be bugging them all day long, teachers are excited because it means that they get to go back to work, I don't know if that is exciting or not though because I have never been a teacher and I probably never will, unless someone wants to learn how to write weird blogs.

There are actually a lot of things happening because school is back in session: Buss Drivers, Lunch Ladies, Coaches and a bunch of other people are going back to work.

According to the Times Union, there was a record breaking surplus in enrollments at local Universities. This is great for local businesses but bad for traffic, but don't worry because you can listen to Q103 while you're waiting in your car.

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Autumn is coming, it may get colder outside but it's nice to look at and if it's Autumn that means apples, apple pies, candied apples and all of that good stuff you can get from the farmers market. I used to love apple cider but now it goes right through me.... so do pickles and cucumbers.