This time of the year is terrible for many reasons.  The bitter cold, the snow and of course the fact that we are very susceptible of picking up a cold.  

Here we are in the beginning of March and some of these days it seems like Spring is further away than ever.  I have been sick quite a few times this year and I don't know why.  Unless I'm catching ti from someone else, I thought I was taking pretty good care of myself.  I wasn't doing any voodoo stuff like Mrozek, but I was taking vitamins, eating right and dressing warmly.  But apparently none of this was enough because I find myself sick once again.  This time I think it's my worst cold of the season.

I have had enough of this.  My head feels like it's just floating and I can't breath out of one nostril (left or right depending on how the devil moves his stupid pitch fork, yes I'm blaming the devil) and I have a cough that wont't seem to go away.  I never use to get sick, ever.  I have only needed one prescription my entire life.  Not that I am sick enough to need behind the counter stuff, I am just sick of stocking up on cold meds.  Enough is enough.  My nose is raw from tissues no matter how soft and all I want to do is sleep.  For someone as productive as myself it is debilitating.   So the point is, I am ready for Spring.